This is the official blog for the London Edinburgh course at IU South Bend. The instructors for the course are Kyoko Takanashi and Lee Kahan, who are both professors in the English Department specializing in eighteenth-century British literature. Students in the course will spend four weeks in class learning about how various Enlightenment movements in London and Edinburgh changed the culture and landscape of those cities and enabled the Scots and English to construct a new British identity. They will then spend a week in each of those cities, visiting key sites related to these movements. On this blog, you can follow what they learn as they explore these historic cities.

Please use the form below to inquire about this or future study abroad courses at IU South Bend, to report broken links, or (for students) to suggest information to be added to the site that would benefit the class as a whole.


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  1. Love this blog! I stumbled upon it whilst looking for images of UK to use for a display poster at my sons elementary school. I am from UK and was great to read these experiences of the time there. I miss it!

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