Free Day in Edinburgh

St. Giles Cathedral

St. Giles Cathedral

On my free day, I made sure that I went for a tour of St. Giles Cathedral. It was there that I learned that John Knox, a Scottish clergyman, encouraged the people to reform the church. He is known as a prominent leader of the Protestant Reformation, and the father and founder of the Presbyterian church in Scotland. Edinburgh-Royal MileI mostly walked the Royal Mile and took in some of the Scottish culture. Edinburgh-escape artistAlong the way, I saw an escape artist’s act which very fun and entertaining. I love getting lost in new places because I think we become more observant of our surrounding, and therefore, will find things we otherwise may overlook. While I was lost in the streets of Edinburgh, I came across a little statue of a dog.

Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby

People were walking up to the life size statue and taking pictures with it. This peaked my curiosity. I found out that the statue was of Skye Terrier called Greyfriars Bobby who, for fourteen years after his owner died, guarded his grave until he, himself, passed away. He became a symbol of loyalty to the people of Edinburgh. Also along my walk, I saw a lot of native cuisine. I struggled finding food that actually satisfied me, so I mostly ate the the bar connected to our hostel because they served American food.Edinburgh-pig I loved getting lost in Edinburgh. The city is so rich with history and the locals were beyond friendly. I chatted with tons of Scots, and I even began to network with a few of them on social media. I’ll be honest and say that the only thing that I did not like about Edinburgh is the steep hills and lack of transportation. I suffered a knee injury in dance before I left the States. Everything was truly worth the climb.


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