Second Free Day in London

My bike's name was John Lennon!

My bike’s name was John Lennon!

London-Bike tour Princess Di Memorial

London bike tour 

On My second Free day in London, I decided to go on a Royal London Bike Tour. This tour was approximately four hours long, and I was not sure if I could endure seeing as though I had not ridden a bike in over ten years! When I arrived to the meeting spot, there was nobody there. I thought that I was a victim of a scam. About ten minutes after the designated time for us to meet, one of the tour guides showed up and other members of the tour began to crowd around him. There was a lady with her two sons and a set of twin sisters. One of the twins had her daughter with her. In a short amount of time, we all learned that we were all uniquely tied to each other. The woman and her two sons were from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida which is a part of St. Johns county. I was born and raise in St. Johns county Florida. The twins and the daughter were from Indiana (I forget where exactly), and that’s where I live now. We began our tour in Kensington Gardens in front of Kensington Palace. It was here that we learned about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. From there, we traveled through Hyde park. One of my favorite sites we visited here was Princess Diana’s Memorial fountain. We learned that a lot of people were upset about the simplicity of her memorial because they were used to large statues for royals that have passed away. The designer of the memorial thought that the fountain best represented Princess Di’s life with the different flows and ripples of the water. Also, she did a lot of humanitarian and charity work, so the fountain brought different people from different walks of life together even in her death. After a couple of hours, we took a break and had lunch in St. James’ Park. For the remainder of the trip, we visited Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and The Houses of Parliament. We were told of interesting stories such as Michael Fagan, the guy who broke into Buckingham Palace, and Guy Fawkes, the guy who tried to blow up Parliament. The bike tour was a fun and interesting experience! If you decide to take one, make sure you bring lots of muscle rub for the next day.


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