Free day in London


One of the things I really wanted to do while I was in London was to visit the Tower of London. I had the opportunity to do so on the Monday after a weekend of fatal car accidents, missed and delayed flights, impromptu hotel stays, and dragging my heavy luggage around (I do suggest you listen to the professors when they tell you to pack light). I was overly excited that we had finally made it to London and I was beyond ready to explore. To my delight, the Tower of London was the first adventure the majority of us decided to go on. We got our first taste of the tubes that day, and besides the super cushy seats, they were not that different from riding the subways in Chicago. When we arrived to the attraction, I was in awe of the 11th century architecture surrounded by modern, space-like buildings in its skyline. I had been looking forward to seeing the collection of armor that is on display there, appropriately called “The Line of Kings.” It was here that I saw life-size replicas of past kings and their horses. I was surprised to learn that this display was started over 300 years ago to impress visitors, and for them to see the greatness of the royal bloodline. I was also very anxious to see the Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy. The line to see the jewels was extremely long and it curved around other parts of the attraction.

I made him laugh!

I made him laugh!

While we waited, I decided to see if I could make the guard smile. I asked him, “How do aliens organize parties? They PLANET!” Before I could say the punchline, he was about to burst with laughter! When we finally made it in to see the jewels I was in awe. They were gorgeous! Before that day, I had never been that close to that many diamonds and jewels in my life! Everything sparkled like they were battery operated. I highly recommend the Tower of London as a must visit attraction while in London!


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