Westminster Abbey 

There are many instances when people say that things look so much better and more beautiful in person than in photographs. Although I cannot claim this is true every time, I will say that it is definitely true about Westminster Abbey! 

Sure, Westminster Abbey looks pretty stunning in photographs, but it is completely different when you see the glory of it all right before your eyes. There were so many times that I had seen it in photographs or in films and TV shows (it is an iconic symbol of London along with Big Ben and the London Eye) but I still found myself in awe of its gorgeous gothic architecture and stained glass designs.

Westminster Abbey (photo taken by me)

It was when I first entered the Abbey that I first noticed the gorgeous stained glass, and being such a photography junkie that I am I really wanted so badly to take a picture of it- but alas photographs are not allowed inside to my disappointment. However, I understood the reasons behind this and decided it was best to respect the Abbey as it is a church and thus, a sacred place for many people. 

Westminster Abbey is filled with many monuments and grave sites of many different and important people in British history such as soldiers, warriors, Kings, Queens, and prominent inventors and literary geniuses. There is a small corner dedicated to many of these literary and poetic geniuses called Poet’s Corner. Here you will find memorials for individuals such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis, and Geoffrey Chaucer (first poet interred in Poet’s Corner in 1556).

Poet’s Corner (photo taken from Wikipedia)

Although everything about the exterior and interior of the Abbey was amazing and aesthetically pleasing to look at, one of my favorite parts of it was the Sanctuary where the High Altar is present. This is the altar where coronation takes place and the king and queen are officially crowned. I really loved the whole design of this altar, more specifically the marble floor which dates back to 1268. The method of its decoration is known as Cosmati work named after the Italian family who created this intricate design. You can learn more about Cosmati design here.


Cosmati pavement at the High Altar (photo taken from westminster-abbey.org)

I would very much recommend visiting Westminster Abbey as I believe it is a must see for anyone who is traveling to London! You will not be disappointed! 

Chelsea Ray-Dye


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