St. Andrews Castle

For my free day while in Edinburgh, I decided to go on an adventure outside of the city to to the small town of St. Andrews! 

This town is just an hour northeast of Edinburgh in the Scottish county of Fife. It is known for many different things such as being the home of golf as well as having the oldest university in Scotland–University of St. Andrews (which is where both Kate Middleton and Prince William went to study). 

Although this town is known predominately for these two things, I decided to do something different while visiting: I went to the ruins of St. Andrews Castle. Even though I had seen many castles before seeing this one, I will definitely say that this one was the most picturesque being that it is right near the beautiful North Sea and overlooks a small beach called Castle Sands. 


St. Andrews Castle (photo taken by me)

The castle has been standing as early as when Roger de Beaumont was bishop of St. Andrews from 1189-1202. However this castle has been destroyed and rebuilt several times–once during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th century and during this time it changed hands between the Scots and the English frequently. Furthermore, the castle was also known as a notorious prison and when Archbishop Patrick Graham was judged to be insane and was imprisoned in the castle, even though he owned it at the time in 1478 (Source). 

While visiting this castle Myrna and I went down to the small Castle Sands beach where there was a ton of sea glass present! When at the beach I could not get over how beautiful the scenery was (although it was a cloudy day and had been raining). When looking up at the ruins of the castle it was hard to imagine exactly how it looked in the very distant past due to how much of it has been destroyed. Nevertheless, it was stunning! 


Castle Sands Beach (photo taken by me)

If you ever find yourself in Scotland, you should definitely go to St. Andrews and visit this castle! There is also a very old and cool looking cemetery in close proximity as well as the campus of St. Andrews University. If visiting from Edinburgh, you will take the Scotrail train from Waverly Station to Leuchars Station (there is not a train station in St. Andrews) and from there you will take a short 10-15 minute bus ride into the town. You can learn more about St. Andrews here

Chelsea Ray-Dye


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