I have always found churches and cathedrals extremely beautiful places. I love spaces like the Basilica at Notre Dame and Saint Patricks’ Cathedral in New York City, simply because I find their architecture and decor breathtaking. Naturally, one place I would love to visit in Edinburgh would be Saint Giles’ Cathedral. Located in the city centre on the Royal Mile, the cathedral is known as the mother church of Scotland and one of the places Presbyterianism started. The first and oldest parts of the building date back to 1120 and had been redone numerous times leading up to today, with very little of the original building in the current.

The Thistle Chapel is one of the parts of Saint Giles I would be most excited about seeing. The Order of the Thistle is a society made up of 16 knights and ladies and has its roots in the crusade times but the last induction into the Order was in 2012! The Thistle Chapel has stalls for the 16 knights and is known to be “uniquely Scottish” with art work that shows angels playing bagpipes! The Burns Window is also known as a must see in the Giles’ Cathedral, created in 1985 as the focal point of the stained glass work. According to scared-destinations.com, the bottom section, which is green, is meant to depict the natural world, the middle shows many human figures as a symbol of humanity and the top is known as a “sunburst of Love.”

Sierra Henderson


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