Edinburgh Castle

At first I was not sure if I was going to able to go and visit the Edinburgh Castle, but I decided to try and I am so happy that I did. I took a taxi to meet the group for lunch.  We had a delicious meal at the Amber Resturant and then we headed up to the castle.  When I finally got to the top I was able to  enjoy the magnificent view and I felt like I was of top of the world. 

After taking some beautiful pictures, Amanda and I were able to take our time, in fact we were there until it closed.  My favorite part of the castle was the Great Hall.  It was huge and the stained glass windows were so beautiful and detailed.

 I took my time and read all the little signs in the room and one of them talked about how their was a Lird’s Lug, which was a small window to the right of the fireplace, very high up.  It was a barred window which the King could use to spy on his courtiers below.  I thought that it was pretty slick because I did not even notice it up there until I read that and had to go back to the fireplace and actually look up to see it!  

King James IV had this Great Hall built as an awe inspiring stage for state banquets and ceremonies.  It was also used for high pollitics, international diplomacy, and feasting.  Its grandeur was meant to show the King’s power and good taste. I really enjoyed my visit to the castle and on the walk back to the hostel we stopped at shops and bought a few items.  All in all, it was one of my best days so far (Well, until the Hairy Coo Tour the next day anyways).  I feel like Edinburgh is a much more friendly city than London and love the vibe this place offers to tourists.  

All pictures were taken by me.


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