Basketball at Argyle Square

While in London I began to get a bit homesick.In search of something comforting I googled the directions to the nearest basketball courts. Much to my surprise the closest basketball court was about eight to ten minutes away from the University of London,International Hall.The basketball court was located in Argyle Square. I went down to the front entrance of the Hall and immediately took a left continuing down until the first intersection then I took a right onto Bernard Street. After I walked down to Hastings St. And turned left.Then I kept straight down Hastings until I got to Euston Rd. which was a main road. I continued down Euston Rd. until I saw Argyle St. then turned right.Lastly I kept straight down Argyle St. Until I saw Argyle Sq. which was the park.

Argyle Park

Argyle Park


I immediately walked onto the basketball court and I was surprised to see they had square backboards instead of the rectangular backboards I was accustomed to in the states.First I met a guy from New Jersey named Jarrod Fernandes on the court. Jarrod and I played one vs. one. He was actually better than I expected but I still beat him by two points as we played a game going up to seven points. We had ran a great game then we exchanged information and instantly became friends on Facebook.

"The Courts"

“The Courts”


When Jarrod left I had no other choice but to go down to the other side of the court, where I saw Troy Peters and a few London students playing. My first impression was that Londoners weren’t too skilled at basketball but Troy had a high basketball I.Q.. Basketball I.Q. Is based on a players ability to make quick decisions, remain in rhythm with the team, while committing as few turnovers as possible. As I expected Troy’s team won because they had built great team chemistry. These guys played with each other regularly therefore they understood each others strengths and weaknesses. After their team won I picked three people to play with me Bruce,Alex, And Boz because others had already chosen their team. We played a hard game but we weren’t in sync defensively therefore Troy’s team was allowed to make easy shots. The final score was 12pts to 15pts although it was a good game. At the end Troy and I exchange information as well, now we’re also friends on Facebook. After our four vs. four I was bit tired, so I headed back to the University Hall for a shower and water.All in all it was a great experience connecting with the people that lived in London while doing what I enjoy in a different environment.


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