Jacobite Rooms

In Edinburgh I would like to visit the Jacobite Room in Edinburgh Castle. The people were said to have constructed multiple prison breaks during their era. During their time Jacobites were known as revolutionary people.The Jacobite Room in Edinburgh Castle is built to pay homage to these people who fought for what they believed in.The word Jacobite stems from the Latin word “Jacobus” which means James.The Jacobite rebellions consisted of three major revolts which all took place between 1689 and 1746 nearly a hundred year effort.

The Jacobites were a part of a movement in Great Britain and Ireland focused on making King James II of England the Roman Catholic Stuart. As well as opening up the thrones of England,Scotland, and Ireland for the heirs of King James II. The Jacobite revolt created because in 1688 Prince William of Orange invaded England and took the throne forcing his father in law King James II to flee. While William was being replaced by his son in law and daughter Mary, Protestants had become more oppose to the Catholic Church. Others such as Whigs and Williamites were also against King James II being on the throne.This is the dethroning that fueled the rebellion of 1689 which took place by Edinburgh Castle in the battle of Killie Crankie.

The trip to Edinburgh Castle from the hostel is very simple. I would go out the front door of the hostel and turn right.Then I would turn left on the first street and keep straight until I got to the Royal Mile. When at the Royal Mile I would turn left then keep straight all the way until I get to the Edinburgh Castle.


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