June 19, 2015

The first thing we did was take a boat ride down Thames River. The bridges and architecture were amazing to look at, we even saw a building that was made glass that was in the shape of an egg. The river was very dirty and the boat gave off a lot of pollution. When we arrived to our destination we had a short walk through the park, and then I saw the steep hill up to the Royal Observatory. When I saw everyone passing me by and waiting for me I told them to go ahead and leave me I would meet them at them the top. The climb was definitely worth it, the sky-line of London was breathtaking. We then were able to see the East and West hemisphere, and stand on both hemispheres at the same time! As I began walking around, I noticed that the instruments were not like the ones I have seen in modern times. It was neat to see portraits of all ten Astronomers Royals who lived in the Flamsted House, named after the first Astronomer Royal, between 1676-1948. Interestingly enough, Edmond Halley was the second Astonomer Royal from 1720-1742. This was after he had already completed his naming of the stars of the southern hemisphere and predicting the return of Halley’s comet. My favorite room was the octagon room which was designed in seventh century domestic architecture. It was originally called the “Star Room” and it had grand thirteen foot high windows. Which were designed for the extremely large telescopes used back then. It was mainly used for viewing uncommon celestial events.

London-Edinburgh group 2015. Photo property of Amanda Robinson

London-Edinburgh group 2015. Photo property of Amanda Robinson

After the tour of the Royal Observatory our class gathered outside to take a class picture in front of the beautiful scenery of London. I really enjoyed this outing and would definitely consider my favorite in London. Space is one of my favorite things to learn about and admire and i would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting London.


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