Greenwich & London’s Financial District 

During my very last day while in London I went to the town of Greenwich which is in the southeast corner of the city. This town is best known for its maritime history and has many sites of interest including the Cutty Sark (which was used for tea trade in the 19th century), the Royal Observatory, and the National Maritime Museum. There are several cute nautical shops and restaurants of different kinds such as British, Mexican, Italian, and Thai. While in Greenwich I went to the Mexican restaurant called Desperados (the chicken enchilada was YUMMY). This town also is covered with a market which has taken place there since the 14th century. I was a little disappointed because originally we were going to Greenwich on a Sunday which is the day of the week the market is held. However, because of the change in schedule we were not able to be there for it. Nevertheless, Greenwich is a wonderful place to experience maritime London! 


The Cutty Sark

When walking to the Royal Observatory I ended up crossing a beautiful park and up a very steep hill in order to reach it. The walk was a little tough and I paused a couple times along the way but once up there the views were spectacular! You could see London for many miles and I particularly loved the beautiful park and the National Maritime Museum from up high! Also–the lower temperatures near the Royal Observatory made me extremely happy as I was SO hot the majority of the time while in the city.


The up hill trek to the Royal Observatory

After leaving Greenwich via the DLR tube line I went to London’s financial district near the Bank tube stop. This area of the city was definitely different than that of Greenwich–most notably the types of shops around as well as how everyone was dressed. In the financial district many of the shops seemed to supply expensive business clothing and most of the people here wore business clothing. In this area, the main points of interest are the Bank of England Museum (the bank itself was founded in 1694), the Royal Exchange, and Leadenhall Market. 

One of the most amazing aspects of the financial district is the 17th and 18th century architecture! I could not get over how beautiful and immaculate the Leadenhall Market’s covered roof was in particular. This roof structure was designed by Sir Horace Jones in 1881. During the 18th century, this market was used for trade. Many would gather to do business as well as to socialize. Besides the clothing stores in this market that specialize in business attire, there are also several restaurants, and little card and souvenir shops! Although much of the items in the financial district are very pricey (especially the Royal Exchange), I believe that it is definitely worth the visit due to the historic elements and the gorgeous architecture.

Leadenhall Market

The beautiful architecture inside the Royal Exchange

— Chelsea Ray-Dye 

All photos taken by me. 


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