First Day in Edinburgh

Last night on our arrival to Edinburgh, we were able to settle in and then go out and explore the wonderful city. It was very interesting to see the differences between London and Edinburgh. I was immediately struck by the gothic architecture and overall the beauty of the landscape. On the train, I was reminded of the scenery I encountered while driving through Ireland. I feel that I will be enjoying Edinburgh a lot more than the big city life in

IMG_5459Food is not hard to come by here, and we found ourselves at The World’s End, a wonderful pub that definitely was worth the price. I got to try a Thistly Cross which is a delicious cider made in Scotland. However, I did not know the story behind the name of the restaurant before going. This morning I learned that it was actually positioned at the edge of the city near one of the city gates. This meant that to the people of Edinburgh, it was the end of their little world and thus called The World’s End. I thought it was very interesting to see the gold blocks throughout the streets that signify structures that no longer exist such as this wall around the city.


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