Free day!

Double Decker bus!

For this free day Taylor and I were supposed to go to Winsor Castle ,but because of the delay in getting here we had to move our stonehenge tickets to today!  Tay and I were super excited to see stonehenge!  For both of us it was something that had been on our bucket list since middle school.  It was really amazing to be able to fulfill that dream of mine.  The first part of our tour was not actually related to stonehenge.  The tickets we bought included a morning half day trip around London.  This tour was especially cool because it was in an open top double decker bus tour!  I learned so much about the city and its buildings from the tour. One of the things I learned were that London is actually split into two cities with there own government, westminster and London but both make up London.  I also learned that Big Ben is slightly tilted, but not enough to really notice!

Taken by me!

Taken by me!

The tour guid was really cool and knew a lot about the city!  He told us some really cool stories and interesting facts that you would never know unless you took that tour.  One interesting thing he told us about was the story of a young boy in line for the crown.  He went to stay the night with his uncle Richard with another kid in the tower of London.  The boys were never seen again.  It is thought that either the uncle or king Henry killed them so that they could be king, but no one really knows.  After that story we took a ride on the river Thames.  After the boat ride we  were dropped off somewhere in the city and we stopped for lunch at the restaurant Eat.  When we made it back to the coach station we got on a bus to stonehenge!  Stonehenge was everything i ever wanted it to be and more!  It is a great mystery how it was made and why.  There are many theories and I am not sure what I believe!  What I do know is that it is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  It is unfathomable how people could build Stonehenge then with out the invention of the wheel, let alone now!  It just goes to show what people can really do and how creative and resourceful they can be.

photo taken by me!

photo taken by me at Stonehenge! 


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