Day 1: Open-Top Bus Tour and Afternoon Trip to Stonehenge

I was a bit nervous to spend my first day in London navigating things by myself, but I figured it would be an awesome learning experience and it was. I started my day off at 7am with an americano from Pret a Manger, a popular coffe shop that is just around the corner from our dorm, and then I made my way to the hotel across the street where I had arranged to be picked up for the tour.

The first half of the tour was an open top bus tour though the heart of London.  Some highlights of the tour were seeing Westminster Abby, the Tower of London, the changing of the guard at St. James’ Palace, and taking a boat ride town the Thames River. Oh, and the tour guide was really fantastic.


I had an hour and a half for lunch until the second half of the tour: a visit to Stonehenge. If I’m being honest I spent most of the time wandering around like a lost puppy trying to find where I needed to be to catch the bus and learned that it costs 30p to pee in most public toilets. I also learned that asking for help does a lot of good. I found where I needed to be thanks to a friendly gentleman and then had enough time to enjoy a quick and healthy lunch from Leon, a decent fast food joint.

The trip to Stonehenge was magical to say the least. Just two hours outside of London is the most gorgeous and lush countryside I have ever seen. The two hour bus ride also gave me the opportunity to catch up on some of the sleep I’d been deprived of the night before. Once we arrived at Stonehenge it was truly majestic. I took some pictures and learned some of the history of Stonehenge. I chose to walk back to the bus instead of take the shuttle. The walk takes you through some of the beautiful countryside and the accompanying woods. It was a lovely stroll after all of the sitting I’d been doing.


I booked this tour through Premium Tours for approximately $100, and I am happy to report that it was well worth it.



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