Glencoe, Scotland

Glencoe is arguably the most historic and scenic glen.  This Glen has seen many historical events but the most famous would be the feud between the MacDonalds and the Campbells.  The MacDonalds lived in

Glencoe and the Campbells lived next to them but wanted to expand their territory.  The Campbells eventually massacred 40 MacDonalds and the rest retreated to the hills.  While it’s a sad story it’s an incredible view, .and it’s amazing to see in person where an incredible peace of history took place.  Glencoe has so many fun things to do! There is mountain climbing, walks through the hills, beaches, fishing, water sports and more.  Glencoe is right next to Loch Levan which is about 3 hours from where we are staying! There are day trips we can take from Edinburgh to Glancoe that also take us through the highlands and up to Loch Ness.  The price around £45 to £55.


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