Day Tour to St. Andrews & East Neuk — Fife, Scotland

While in Scotland, I would absolutely love to go to Fife which is a county of Scotland just 40 min. to an hour north of Edinburgh. More specifically, I want to go to the town of St. Andrews as well as the beautiful coastal harbor of East Neuk.

East Neuk 

Let's move to East Neuk

East Neuk, Fife, Scotland Picture source: The Guardian

This picturesque fishing town of Fife, Scotland has been for centuries a crucial port for trade. According to BBC History, it is a must see while in Scotland: “Discover the windy, cobbled streets and houses with red pan tiles and crow stepped gables, all influenced by the architecture of the Low Countries. This golden coast is steeped in history reflecting the bygone heyday of trade by sea with Europe (Source).” This definitely looks like a quiet and relaxing place to go. There are several things to do while in this town including a visit to a super cool Cold War era underground fallout shelter, St. Fillan’s cave (where he supposedly lived during the 7th century), and Kellie Castle!


The entrance to Fillan’s Cave. Picture Source: Wikipedia

St. Andrews 

St. Andrews, Scotland is also located in the county of Fife and it is famously known not only as the home of golf, but also the home of the oldest university in Scotland–St. Andrews University. This is a medieval town filled with historical buildings and ancient ruins. Some of the highlights of this town includes the St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews Ghost tours, and the ruins of St. Andrews castle!


The beautiful St. Andrews Cathedral. Picture Source


The ruins of the 12th century St. Andrews Castle. Picture Source

How to Get There: 

I found a really great tour that leaves from Edinburgh that takes you to both East Neuk and St. Andrews as well as to Loch Leven where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned. This tour would cost $65. Here are some of the highlights:

oghgowhgwoow You can view more info about this tour as well as book a tour HERE.

— Chelsea Ray-Dye


7 thoughts on “Day Tour to St. Andrews & East Neuk — Fife, Scotland

    • Awesome! Myrna is also interested in doing this so maybe you, me, Myrna, and Teara can all do it as long as there is room on the tour (the tour is maximum of 16 people). We want to do this on the 2nd free day, June 24th. 🙂

    • Hey Teara! So Myrna actually pointed out that apparently the tour is not offered on the 24th which is the day that we want to go. HOWEVER, it would actually be a lot cheaper to just get some train tickets to St. Andrews. A round trip for the train would only cost $20-25 to get to St. Andrews opposed to $65 for the tour. Also, East Neuk would be easy to get to from St. Andrews by bus or taxi and it is only about 20 minutes away from St. Andrews! Also–I just realized that St. Fillan’s Cave that I talked about in this post is actually the Fillan that was referenced in the poems that we read for class so that’s pretty cool! 🙂

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