The Pentland Hills Regional Park

I am hoping for beautiful weather while we are in Edinburgh so I can head out of the city and hike around the Pentland Hills. The Pentland Hills is a 20 mile hill-range just southwest of Edinburgh. This would be a fun way to spend part of my free day seeing as it wouldnt be an all-day excursion. A trip to the Pentlands on a nice day can offer us some great views of Edinburgh and there are also a number of reservoirs that are very picturesque and would be fun to hike around. Oh, and there are sheep!


            Photo Courtesy of Flickr

To get to the Pentlands their website recommends a number of different buses that will get you there and you can begin your walk from where they drop you off. The Petlands are approxamately 20 minutes outside of Edinburgh. The number 4 bus drops us off at the beginning of The Capital View Walk, a 3 mile walk that gives us the best views of Edinburgh. There are downloadable pamphlets on their website, and im sure there will be some information about the Pentlands once we get to Edinburgh.


            Photo Courtesy of

So, if any of us still have any energy left this could be a fun excursion!


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