The Hairy Coo-Free Scottish Highlands Tour

This is a tour of the Scottish highlands and it is FREE! You get to experience the beautiful wilderness as it is explained to us by the knowledgeable local tour guides. Just walking though the highlands and the nature is going to be so relaxing. It’s an adventure worth experiencing. Getting to see the Scottish highlands will be well worth the time. The best part, is that it is walking distance from where we are staying. The address is 304 Brodies Close, Lawnmarket | Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2PS, Scotland. So we don’t have to spend any money on bus or a train to get us there. This is an overall free experience which is always nice to hear especially if you are on a budget. On this tour you get to see things that you wouldn’t be able to see on bus or other transportations. There are these cows that you get to see and feed that are called “Hairy Coos” which I thought was interesting. Some of the attractions that you would get to experience on this tour are Forth rail bridge, Stirling, Aberfoyle, Loch Katrine, Trossachs and Winterfell. The tour guides would go into detail of all the places that we would be visiting which would be a great learning experience. There are little places to eat lunch on the tour which is convenient for everyone. So if you like taking an adventure and free things, this is something that you should look into doing. It is something exciting to do and you can learn a lot about Scotland and its history.



Lundi 11 avril

Lundi 11 avril


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