Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh

This post is for all the nature lovers out there looking to capture a truly beautiful shot. The reason this spot stood out is because of the spectacular photos. I feel like these photos don’t do this place justice and it will be much more extravagant in person. The garden is open March-September, from 10am-6pm. You can choose to do the daily garden walk or a themed tour. The daily garden walk shows all aspects of the garden, while the themed tour is organized around the different events going on throughout the garden. Advanced booking is required before you choose to go on any one of the tours. You can click on “advanced booking” to find out more information about the tours.

The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden

The website of the Royal Botanic Gardens gives a map and location of the gardens. Linked is the location of the gardens and the transportation options of getting there. There is shopping and cafes on the location. Admission to the garden is free with the exception of some of the exhibitions costing a little bit extra.

The main garden that stands out to me is the Rock Garden. The rock garden was finished in 1914, then added on to in 1933. There are approximately 5,000 species that are planted in the Rock Garden. The reason I would want to go and see this garden while I am there is because of the unusual architecture and design of the garden. Its unique looking and sparks my curiosity. The sparks of color added to the green landscape is what grabs my attention the most.

This is one of the Royal Botanic Gardens; The Rock Garden.

This is one of the Royal Botanic Gardens; The Rock Garden.


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