Royal Exchange

Historic Royal Exchange

                          Historic Royal Exchange

I’m interested in seeing the Royal Exchange because of its history as a platform for international trade. I’ve also seen pictures of the modern state of the Exchange and it appears to be just as vibrant as the historical writings described.

Personally I would like to check out the cafes and restaurant. Although the stores within the Exchange are fairly pricey I’d enjoy browsing a few of them. For instance I’d check out the many jewelry stores because I admire the jeweler’s ability to turn something beautiful into something unique. I plan to visit the store of Theo Fennell in particular. There are other monuments close to the Exchange I’ll visit as well such as the Bank of England, which is at least in walking distance.

Modern Royal Exchange

                Modern Royal Exchange

This historic monument is located in Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK. The trip to the Royal Exchange is approximately 20-25 min away from University of London Halls. I plan to take public transportation in the form of a taxi or bus, whichever way is more convenient.

If I take a taxi leaving from the University of London Halls I would head northwest on Cartwright Gardens toward Hastings St (approx. 59 ft). Continuing straight onto Mabledon Pl (approx. 338 ft), then I’ll turn right onto Euston Rd/A501. After I’ll follow A501 until I leave toll zone (approx. 0.4 mi) taking a slight right onto King’s Cross Rd/A201. Keep straight through the toll zone in 0.2 mi at Swinton St (approx. 1.4 mi) then I’ll turn left onto Ludgate Hill (approx. 0.2 mi). Continuing onto St. Paul’s Churchyard (approx. 0.1 mi) onto Cannon St: (approx. 0.2 mi), after take a slight left onto Queen Victoria St. (Approx. 0.2 mi).Then take a slight right onto Mansion House St as I leaving toll zone (approx. 174 ft). Lastly I’ll take a slight left onto Threadneedle St and Entering toll zone (approx. 282 ft). Arriving at Royal Exchange (TEG Capital) Limited, 2 Royal Exchange Steps, The Royal Exchange, London EC3V 3DG, United Kingdom.



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