West Bay, a Stunning Dorset Harbour Town

West Bay, also known as Bridport Harbour, is a small and quaint harbour settlement situated in the English county of Dorset. This location is approximately three hours away from London and is the perfect place to experience small town England. Better yet, not only is West Bay at the Southern coast of the country–it is part of a coast line of which is declared a World Heritage Site–The Jurassic Coast.


Source: Broadchurch, Dir. Chris Chibnall

The first time I laid my eyes on West Bay was when I began watching the ITV British crime drama show called Broadchurch. And–I must digress. As many of you may already know, my favorite actor of all time is David Tennant (most popularly known as the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who. He is also originally from Scotland–which of course makes him awesome by default) and he, as you can probably guess, is one of the main cast members of Broadchurch.

Although this crime drama is positioned in the fictional small town of Broadchurch, the show was actually filmed in West Bay. The cinematography of this show really emphasizes the beauty of West Bay with numerous close ups of its stunning landscape. West Bay Beach is, naturally, a focal point and an iconic symbol of the show with its towering cliffs.

I would absolutely love to get a chance to walk through West Bay and its surrounding areas not only to be able to see some of the locations that are featured in Broadchurch, but to also get a feel for what it is like in small town England. Also, I have always wanted to visit a harbour town as they have always struck me as extremely beautiful and peaceful–a place where you can hear seagulls and the crashing of the ocean waves and visit small cute shops and restaurants.


Source: dorset-photography.co.uk

In order to get to West Bay, I would first take the Underground Tube from Russell Square (where we are staying at The University of London International Halls) by going on the Piccadilly Line and then transfer on to Leicester Square which takes you directly to Waterloo. Then, I would take the train from Waterloo station to Dorchester South Station (there is not a train station directly from London to West Bay). This train ride will take approximately 2 hours and 43 minutes, according to thetrainline.com and the train will cost around £19.40 to get there and around £14.00 coming back to London. This ends up coming to around $50.00 all together.

When I arrive at Dorchester South I will be about 30 minutes from West Bay. Next, I will take the bus from Dorchester to Bridport (approx. 30 minute ride) and, lastly, a bus from Bridport to West Bay (approx. 10 minute ride). I have calculated that if I were to leave from our accommodation in London to West Bay around 8:00AM, I will arrive at my destination around 11:30-12:00PM. I would then have around 6 hours to explore the town (and, of course, take lots of pictures of the beautiful landscape!) before I would need to leave in order to catch the train from Dorchester back to Waterloo Station that would depart around 8:00PM. Here is a photo of the train route to Dorchester–I highlighted both Waterloo Station and Dorchester South:

So–would anyone like to join me in experiencing small town English living in West Bay harbour as well as enjoy the beach along The Jurassic Coast? Below are videos of both the scenery of the West Bay/Bridport area as well as a trailer video from the show Broadchurch (of which I REALLY recommend–the first season is on Netflix! Just putting that out there!).

— Chelsea Ray-Dye


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