London Bicycle Tour

One of my favorite things to do here at home is ride my bike. I love finding new bike paths to explore with friends and taking advantage of the somewhat limited scenic areas we have in and around South Bend. I began riding my bike regularly a little over two years ago when i started commuting to school and work. One of the things I began to love about my commute was all of the stuff I saw that I normally whizzed right by in my car. It was really neat to see things from such a different perspective.


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While we are staying in London I hope to take a bike tour with The London Bicycle Tour Company. They have multiple different tours that take you around to various and unique parts of London. Ideally I would love to take the evening tour which gives you a glimpse of London at night when the city lights up. In order to participate in the evening tour I would need someone to come along with me! They also have morning and afternoon tours that would be just as fun. The tours last for three hours, and I think it would be a really fun way to spend some of my free time; doing something I love in an exciting new city.

I will need to plan ahead for the tour by choosing a day/night, purchasing a ticket, and finding directions. The cost of the tour is approximately $35 and they have tours every day at their slotted times, however it still might be smart to book ahead of time. They are located on the Southbank of the River Thames in the Gabriel’s Wharf shopping center between the Waterloo Bridge and the Blackfriar Bridge. I could take a bus to either bridge and get off on the South side of the river and the shopping center is within walking distance from both bridges. If I need to go by train, they have helpful directions on their website for which direction to head and which exits to take.


3 thoughts on “London Bicycle Tour

  1. This sounds like fun! I would love to come along if my budget will allow me to do so due to other things I am thinking about doing. Were you thinking of doing this during one of our free evenings?

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