Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre

I have been absolutely in love with Les Misérables since 2008, when I first saw an amateur production of this amazing musical at the local theater in my hometown. Even though it was a bunch of high school students performing, it was still one of the most moving and musically inspiring shows I’d ever experienced. From lesmis.com: “Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption – a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. Ex-convict Jean Valjean is hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert after he breaks parole. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine’s young daughter, Cosette, their lives change forever.” I’ve seen the 2012 movie with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, watched the 25th Anniversary Concert on Youtube, and listened to the original London cast recording a thousand times, but I have yet to see a professional performance…what better opportunity than while we’re in so close to London’s vibrant theater scene?

Photo from Google Image Search

Photo from Google Image Search

Les Mis has been performed over 11,000 times in London since its opening in 1985, and is the West End’s longest running musical. There are evening shows at the Queen’s Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue at 7:30pm, Monday through Saturday. Ticket prices range from £12.50 for standing and restricted view seats to £67.50 for the best seats in the dress circle or stalls (equivalent to $19.37 to $104.59…not too bad for an extremely popular professional production of a full-length musical!). The easiest way to purchase tickets would be online, ahead of time, since good seats seem to sell quickly. It’s a pretty easy journey from the Intercollegiate Halls to the Queen’s Theater – a short walk to King’s Cross St. Pancras, a ride on the tube on the Piccadilly Line to Leicester Square Underground Station, and another brief jaunt from the station to the theater.

There are SO many things that I’d love to do in London, but (right alongside the Harry Potter Studio Tour!) Les Mis may just top my list!


2 thoughts on “Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre

  1. Wonderful show, you have to see it in its original form! The rotating sets and everything… And I’m JAVERT! LOL. It might be worthwhile to see Wicked as well, though I would also choose Les Miz over Wicked.

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