Churchill War Rooms

WWII had quite an impact on London. During the Blitz, Churchill needed a place to take shelter and make plans to defeat the enemies. The Churchill War Rooms is an underground bunker where people that worked in government got their work done while they were being bombed from above. The Churchill War Rooms are now a historic place where you can go now to discover more about Churchill and the people that worked in the bunker.

In one part you get to walk through the Cabinet War Rooms where they actually met and plotted out the path to victory. THe rooms have been left exactly as they were the day that then were no longer needed in 1945. The other part is the Winston Churchill museum where you can learn all about Churchill and his accomplishments. Here they have the speeches the Churchill gave during wartime, letters that Churchill wrote to his wife, and items from his childhood.

The Map Room in the Cabinet War Rooms. Photo taken from:

The Map Room in the Cabinet War Rooms.
Photo taken from:

The Churchill War Rooms are ranked at number 9 on things to do while in London on Trip Advisors website. Some reviews claim that is attraction is a “must see”, “you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this”, and “an excellent audio commentary is included”.

The Churchill War Rooms are located right next to St. James Park at Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AQ. They are open 9:30am until 6pm.

It is a five minute walk from the Westminster tube station and a eight minute walk from the St. James Park tube station. From Russell Square I would take the Piccadilly line to Green Park. There I would transfer to the Victoria line to Victoria station. There I would need to transfer again to the Circle line to get to the Westminster station and walk to the Churchill War Rooms. Who wants to join me in learning about the unforgettable history of WWII?


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