Cat Cafe… very wow!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is London’s first official cat cafe. The trend started in Japan, and has gradually spread to other countries. I had previously read that Edinburgh was supposed to be opening a cat cafe in February, but this one has been confirmed up and running with a reasonable 3.8 star rating on google.

As a crazy cat lady with a boyfriend who studies Japanese culture, this location in particular combines both of our interests and gives me a unique opportunity that is not offered in the U.S. specifically. As a future journalist, I’d like to order some food and simply observe activity. Maybe I can figure out the real reasons the U.S. doesn’t have cat cafes. I believe having one in the U.S. would be enormously successful in the right market.

Here is the link to their site, which I could probably get to either via tube or bus.

I hope somebody will go with me on this fun little excursion, or one of my many others.

Beautiful kitty coffee! Taken from Trip Advisor


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