A Bite Into the Cuisine of London

This post is for all of the food lovers out there. Through my research and word of mouth, I have found these two places that  interested me.  I have always been one to try something new and interesting and this is my chance.   Each of the places are linked to their websites; so give the names a click and check what each of these places has to offer.

Nando’s :

Photo from Flicker

Photo from Flicker

Nando’s is the UK’s version of our Wings Etc. or Buffalo Wildwings.  The reason I want to go to Nando’s is because it is a popular food franchise in the UK I have heard much about and am very intrigued in trying.  I’ve always loved chicken and ever since I found out about Nando’s, have wanted to visit.  Another plus is it inexpensive; which is everyone’s favorite thing to hear.  There are several locations around London.  To check out the locations click on the word “locations” to find out more.

Byron :

Photo from Wow 24/7

Photo from Wow 24/7

Byron’s is a burger joint, along with being another franchise in the UK. The food choices range from burgers, to brownies, to salads.  Again this place is fairly cheap, depending on what you order.  I heard about this through my uncle who has been to London several times saying that this is the best burgers he’s had in London.  As most Americans’ would agree, a good burger is always a satisfying find.  The best Byron’s to go to, according to my uncle, is located on 93 95 Old Brompton Rd. SW7 3LD, London.  Their phone number is (020)-7589-0630.  My uncle said it is in walking distance from the British Science Museum in London.


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